Landscaping in Cape Cod – Gade Masonry & Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company specializing in residential and commercial landscape design, landscape maintenance, lawn maintenance,  as well as masonry services including chimney installation and repair, patio design, retaining walls, and walkways.

“They did an outstanding job at my summer home in South Dennis, they kept me posted while the job was getting done! And everything came out just as I was expecting. Thanks, Gade landscaping for the commitment you have with what you do.”

Leandro Barboza

Our custom built patios are the perfect way to spend your evenings gathered around friends and family. Spend your Cape Cod Summer with your friends and family gathered comfortably in your backyard.

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We provide a broad range of landscaping services, including design and installation. We consider ourselves to be one of the premier landscaping companies on Cape Cod.

Our masonry services range from chimney masonry repair, building retaining walls, building walkways, as well as fireplace repair.

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Our landscape and maintenance services focus on your Cape Cod lawn care as well as tree removal, drainage work, and landscape lighting.

Pool Building

Our pool building services are all-encompassing, as we handle every stage from preconstruction to finished project to aftercare.

Pool Landscaping & Care

Whether you’re looking for a pool landscape pick-me-up or an entirely new design, we can help you pick the perfect choice for you.

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    Are you looking for the best masonry and landscaping contractor? Gade Masonry & Landscaping is your number one company that offers a wide variety of outdoor living and stonework services. Located in Sandwich, MA, we provide professional services to residents of the Cape Cod  house landscaping area. Below is a taste of the expert services we provide to residents looking for masonry and landscaping contractors “near me.”

    Outdoor Living Space Design and Construction

    At Gade Masonry & Landscaping, we provide a variety of outdoor living designs and construction. We understand that you need to maximize every inch of your property’s space. Whether you want to install an outdoor kitchen, stonework firepits, pools, spas, and patios, we have different unique designs that will enhance your outdoors’ aesthetics and elevate the quality of your lifestyle.

    An outdoor kitchen has become a standard element to outdoor dwelling spaces.

    Gade Masonry and Landscaping, a Landscaper on Cape Cod can design and build you different options, whether it is a gourmet cooking area, an outdoor pizza oven, or a simple grilling station.

    Landscapes on Cape Cod also have contemporary patio designs that help to protect your outdoor spaces from the elements. We also add custom stonework to pools and spas for your relaxation needs.

    We design and build your outdoor living space in all types of masonry. Our experts also offer a wide selection of stone and pavers. Landscapers Cape Cod MA design spaces that are beautiful and, most importantly, functional. The outdoor living spaces are designed to last with the highest quality materials.

    If you are ready to design and construct the highest quality outdoor living space, contact our design experts at Gade Masonry & Landscaping for Cape Cod residents and beyond.

    Why Is It Important?

    Enhancing your outdoor living space comes with a lot of benefits. First, you get to maximize your space. You also enjoy doing some fun activities outdoors under the sun while enjoying the breeze. Some outdoor living additions like the outdoor kitchen are functional, particularly if you are hosting large crowds.

    Designing your outdoor living space, especially the spa and pool areas, increases your home’s price value. Prospective buyers will be scrambling to negotiate favorable prices for your property if you put it up for sale.

    Landscape Design, Construction, and Maintenance

    Gade Masonry & Landscaping is a leader in luxury landscape design, installation, and maintenance solutions serving customers in Cape Cod, MA, and surrounding areas. With our knowledgeable team, we can build landscapes of any magnitude and complexity.

    We help you design a landscape that completes your space’s vision and make a plan to budget the cost. Our landscape designers will be with you through the following steps:

    • Visiting the site
    • Proceeding with the landscape design plan
    • Creating conceptual drawing
    • Discussing the landscaping costs
    • Processing the final landscape design

    Small job or big, residential, or commercial space, we will ensure the utmost quality and attention for your landscape construction project in Massachusetts. Every phase will be completed with integrity and care. Our landscape construction work includes installing;

    • Water features
    • Outdoor living spaces
    • Special construction features
    • Outdoor lighting service
    • Sprinkler systems

    If you need assistance with landscape maintenance for your residential or commercial property, our trained professionals are here to assist. We stress our landscape maintenance services, depending on your needs.

    We provide the entire landscaping maintenance service package you desire for a beautiful and healthy lawn and garden. From trimming your trees/shrubs to grooming your perfect lawns and keeping planter beds weed-free, we are your best Cape Cod landscaping maintenance, service provider.

    Some of the landscape maintenance services we provide include;

    • Routine yard work, for instance, trimming, blowing, edging, and mowing.
    • Leaf clean-up
    • Drainage
    • Irrigation
    • Lawn maintenance.

    Why is Landscape Design, Construction, and Maintenance Important?

    It is important to have a clear design planned out before you start constructing your space. It gives you peace of mind when things are in total order. Landscape maintenance is even more important for several reasons. Regular maintenance, for example, weeding, help keep your plants and trees healthy. Other reasons why landscaping is important include;

    • Creates a fulfilling environment for a stress-free lifestyle.
    • Increases your home’s value.
    • Attracts potential buyers to your home.
    • Reducing cooling and heating costs.
    • Filtering pollutants and ensuring cleaner air creates a healthier living space.
    • Landscape maintenance improves your home’s aesthetics overall.

    General Masonry Services

    One of our main tasks is to provide masonry services besides just enhancing your home’s aesthetic value. We build and repair fireplaces, chimneys, and walkways.

    A fireplace adds warmth, beauty, and value to your home. It sets the perfect mood for gatherings of friends and family. Installing a fireplace without enough expertise is like playing with fire. Therefore, we recommend you contact our specialists to help you plan and install a fireplace.

    We also help you install and repair your chimneys. A clear outlet for your smoke is important to ensure clean air in the house and prevent contamination. Our chimney experts are ready on call to answer your chimney installation and repair queries.

    If you are looking to beautify your property with unique walkways, Gade Masonry & Landscaping has got you covered. If you have a specific design you desire for your pathways, we will help you accomplish it. We also have a wide variety of designs that will keep your feet and eyes glued to the ground. Whether it is a big or small surface you need to be covered, we will build your walkway and help you maintain it when needed.

    Why is it Important?

    • Installing a fireplace can be a lot cheaper than gas, oil, or electricity, especially if you are installing a wood burner.
    • When lighting a fire, it is vital to ensure an exit space for your smoke. A chimney comfortably helps with that.
    • If you have a beautiful, well-maintained lawn, stepping on it regularly decreases its aesthetic value. Therefore, building a clear pathway helps you navigate your property without causing excess damage to your lawn.
    • Building and repairing your fireplace, chimneys, and walkways are affordable when conducted by our qualified professionals.

    Cape Cod’s Go-to Masonry and Landscaping Professionals

    We have a dedicated staff that is always ready to answer your concerns and questions. Our services are never limited by the price or complexity of the project. Suppose you are looking for quality masonry services, lawn maintenance, or a free consultation for any of the above services; we are here to help. Call us today for a professional masonry and landscaping experience.