Landscaping Wellfleet MA is a charming town situated on the outer arm of Cape Cod.

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Landscaping Masonry Wellfleet MA – Nearby Areas


Holding the title of the original landing site of the Pilgrims before their final stop in Plymouth, Provincetown is a true haven in Massachusetts. Visit the bustling streets, the tallest granite structure in the United States, art galleries, and more in this picturesque New England region.


Truror is the least populated of towns on Cape Cod and contains some of the most beautiful beaches and wooded areas on Cape Cod.  Visit the oldest and tallest lighthouse on Cape Cod, a working vineyard, and stunning vistas of beaches with tall dunes.


Another one of the villages that make up the Outer Cape, Eastham is located just north of Orleans as you travel east and then north towards the tip of the arm of Cape Cod. Take in the National Seashore Visitor’s Center, Nauset Lighthouse, and Coast Guard Beach.

Wellfleet is a charming town found halfway up the arm of the Outer Cape.  From the quiet downtown with its rustic stores, galleries to the short walk past old sea captains homes to Wellfleet Harbor,  and its scenic waterscapes to the picture-perfect beaches of the National Seashore there is so much to discover and enjoy.

Wellfleet was originally settled by Europeans as Billingsgate but achieved its town status separate from Eastham in 1763 and was a major whaling port in the 1800s. The vast majority of its coastline on both the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Cod Bay are maintained by the Cape Cod National Seashore and one beach, Marconi Beach, holds claim as the site of the first wireless transatlantic communication ever made!

Our historic roots make living in Wellfleet feel even more special. The town is dotted with historic locations and homes that make great conversation starters. Living in an area blended with the history of our country’s founding is a unique experience. Even visitors to Wellfleet can attest to the beauty of modern life mixed with the charm of historic homes.

As one of the outer locations in Cape Cod, Wellfleet is a popular town for beach getaways and settling down to raise a family. Our climate draws in many during the warmer months.  The coldest weather lasting from November to February. Residents take advantage of both sunshine and snow with beautifully maintained lawns overlooking the dune bluffs of the Cape. Enjoying the outdoors is one of the most common hobbies among our residents.

With our northern border being Cape Cod, it’s easy to see why many who enjoy the open water call Wellfleet home. Fishing and water sports are extremely popular with both residents and tourists. Beachcoming is a big draw for families thinking about moving to Wellfleet.

One of the biggest perks of living in Wellfleet, however, is the pride that we take in our homes and yards. The architecture common across the Cape is uniquely New England, and our residents take great pride in taking care of their property. House parties and backyard barbecues are common during the beautiful summer months.

We take pride in helping the residents of Wellfleet accent the natural beauty of their homes with landscape masonry Wellfleet MA. One of the most popular additions to oceanfront property in the area is natural-rock retaining walls. Not only do these help make the distinctive style of New England homes shine, but they work to help negate the effects of heavy rain and snow.

Overall, Wellfleet is one of the best places in Cape Cod to call home. Our rich history and bright future draw many families young and old to our neighborhoods. The community is friendly and welcoming, always eager to help a new neighbor feel right at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build a retaining wall for my garden? 

Yes, we can do Cape Cod landscape design and build retaining walls that will support your landscape and provide beauty. Retaining walls are important to protect your yard and home from flooding and other natural occurrences that can cause serious headaches for you down the road. We offer a variety of stones and other materials to construct walls that suit your landscape.

Are you able to provide yard care for my vacation home when I am not there?

Gade Masonry & Landscaping can help you keep your yard healthy and beautiful throughout the year. If you will be away from your home or property at any time, we are happy to set up maintenance arrangements. You don’t have to worry about leaves collecting, your grass going uncut, or your bushes becoming overgrown. We offer lawn maintenance for all seasons.

There is a leak in my garden irrigation system. Can you help? 

We offer design, installation, and maintenance services on irrigation systems. A well-maintained watering system is important to keeping your Wellfleet lawn and garden looking great. If your lines are old and deteriorated, if your drains are cracked, or if your spigots are broken, we can assess them. Should any part of your irrigation system need to be replaced or redesigned for optimal flow, we can work with you to design a plan that works for you and your landscape.