front yard landscaping

Best Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Lawns have been a long-time staple to house fronts. However, it takes up a lot of resources and can also be challenging to maintain with a busy schedule. Instead, consider low-maintenance landscaping ideas for your house front yard. The following are methods that will still provide you with appeal while requiring less upkeep for your…
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Landscape Lighting: The Basics

Illuminating your landscape brings atmosphere to every occasion. It’s a great way to make visitors, family, and friends feel welcomed. You can place landscape lighting along your walkways, in gathering spots, and with key landscape features. This helps you add beauty and function to your yard. However, picking the right lighting for your landscape’s style…
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Lawn Fertilization – What To Know

Feeding your lawn throughout the year is the key to having healthy and vibrant grass during the spring and summer. Well-timed fertilizer schedules allow your yard to keep growing all year long. It can be difficult to properly maintain your lawn throughout the year. Having the right knowledge about the types and uses of different…
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Swimming Pool Installation

Swimming Pool Installation: Pros & Cons

As the weather heats up, families across Cape Cod are looking for more ways to enjoy themselves outdoors. A swimming pool is a popular addition that many families consider adding to their home. A swimming pool installation can provide you and your family endless hours of summer fun and relaxation. It’s also a great way…
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Improve Drainage In Your Lawn

How To Improve Drainage In Your Lawn

Our heavy New England downpours can do a number on all types of landscapes. It doesn’t matter what type of grass composes your lawn and what type of plants line your driveway. Enough rainwater can turn your yard into a muddy mess. In addition, grass and other plants will die if left underwater for too…
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plan your spring landscaping

When To Plan Your Spring Landscaping

Landscaping is a rewarding and enriching endeavour. Not only do you increase your home’s value, but you can bring the restorative qualities of the outdoors into your own backyard. One of the most essential things to remember when landscaping is that starting off with strong, established plants in the spring will set you up for…
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types of stone used in outdoor masonry projects

Outdoor Masonry Projects Types Of Stone Used

When you consider adding stone masonry to your landscape, there are many variables to consider. Where would masonry accent your natural landscape the best? Would a retaining wall help add value to your property? One of the most important things is ask, however, is what are the best types of stone used in outdoor masonry…
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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance Needs For Each Season

Staring at a giant list of landscaping and lawn maintenance “to-dos” becomes much less stressful when you break each task down into seasonal lists. Having the right timing for your lawn maintenance is just as important as getting it done! Expert landscaping and lawn maintenance companies time their work with the seasons, weather, and plant…
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Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls: Benefits To Your Home And Yard

Retaining walls are a beautiful and practical aspect of a well-landscaped yard. These walls protect your landscaping from the wind, rain, and snow common in the Cape Cod area. A properly designed and installed retaining wall can help your home and yard withstand a rough Northeastern winter. If your home is on a hill, slope,…
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