8 Ideas for Creating the Ultimate Backyard Entertainment Area

When in the process of creating a design for a well-organized Cape Cod backyard area, it’s vital to note not only how it will enhance the overall appeal of your home, but also whether you need it to add long-term value to your property in the coming years ahead.

A backyard can be immaculate in its presentation, but if it doesn’t make people want to use the space well or provide an area of solace and comfort, then it may not be quite so appealing or inspiring to use the space as you initially desired. To make an entertainment area in your backyard worth your while, it’s important to strike the balance between design and practicality.

To find this balance, we’ve compiled a list of backyard entertainment ideas guaranteed to add appeal and excitement to your dream outdoor renovation project.

Seating Is Key!

When planning an outdoor entertainment space, you must consider seating, layout, and traffic flow to use the space. One of the biggest mistakes people make when putting together an outdoor living area is underestimating the amount of space needed to comfortably host the desired group of people. These entertainment areas demand proper planning for space.  Consider where people will linger, talk, and be the most active. It is important to be practical and look at different storage options and view them as seating arrangements.

When deciding on seating, think about whether it will be timber storage seats, built-in stone hedging, or individual deck chairs. Your preferences for sizing, style and comfort play a huge role in choosing the right chairs for your space.

An Outdoor TV for Ultimate Entertainment

Nothing says entertainment like a big-screen TV in your backyard. Utilizing an outdoor entertainment area with good weather-proofing coverage to create a perfect outdoor lounge space with TV. If you have a desire to host a large group of friends or family for big sporting events (think Super Bowl or summer baseball games), or looking for an outdoor movie night, this is something you’ll want to consider.

These outdoor TV spots are also great for those warm summer nights or with a blanket in the fall season watching your favorite movie or game!

Making sure you have the right materials is where an expert patio design company like Gade Masonry & Landscaping can help!

Stay Cozy & Warm With A Fire Pit

Fire pits are an extremely popular addition to any outdoor space…and for good reason. They’re perfect for colder weather when the air carries a chill, and they offer a stylish ambiance and can be both a central area to your entertainment space.

Fire pits can be customized to suit your outdoor space and fireproofed with either brick or concrete bases.  You can then either add seating around the pit or make sure you have enough area to stand around it. Just image a group of friends gathered around your gorgeous fire pit for a brisk night under the stars, so whichever seating or standing arrangement you can think of, be sure to accommodate for this beforehand.

Fire pits can be designed and built inground or above ground, in various ways and styles. Overall, they add a wonderful and warm addition to your entertainment space. Gade Masonry & Landscaping will also work closely with you from start to finish to incorporate these elements (also considering yards with pets or small children for safety measures).  Having a Cape Cod expert landscape designer who has decades of experience in fire pit design is of prime importance!

Outdoor Kitchens for Alfresco Dining

Whether you are on your first home, forever home, or even an investment property, creating an additional space for meals and beverages not only adds extra space to enjoy your backyard but also adds tons of value when it comes to reselling your home. Outdoor kitchens are a wonderful idea that adds a level of comfort and atmosphere to your alfresco dining experience when hosting people in your backyard.

These alfresco dining and kitchen areas can be custom tailored to your specifications, whether looking for something simple, or grandiose. It’s recommended to think beforehand about how often you will consider using this space before kicking off construction. But think of the possibilities! From a weekend afternoon barbeque to a Sunday evening feast, from burgers and dogs to three-course dining experiences, these can all be planned and served from your backyard. If your budget allows add-ons like a sink, grill, oven, stone bench tops, and chopping blocks can be included as well.

These areas can be enjoyed year-round depending on your level of coverage and the elements.

Relax In The Shade With A Pergola Or Gazebo

Overhead construction of pergolas and gazebos are wonderful since they can create a central focal point in your back yard or act as additional lounging areas separate from a deck or alfresco area.  From steel frames to curated timber, these constructs are ideal depending on your style and finish and look great when full shrubs surround and accompany the perimeter of your setup.

They also provide ideal coverage for shade or escaping the sun, but it should be noted that they also are meant to serve as a relaxing area, particularly if it’s to be the focal point of the entertainment area. Pergolas and gazebos can host long day beds where people can relax and nap or have several pillowed chairs with a small table for small plates.

The possibilities for a pergola or gazebo are limited only by your intention and budget, so take care to consider what you are looking for first, then reach out to us to let us know your thoughts on incorporating your ideas for these constructs!

Entertain Freely & Often With A Patio

Patio spaces are the idea gathering places for your Cape Cod backyard.  Located right by the main dwelling and on the ground level, the open design of a patio makes it enticing to wander from the indoors into the outdoors without limits. When designed in conjunction with Cape Cod landscaping experts like Gade Masonry & Landscaping, these patio areas offer a place for ultimate relaxation particularly if complemented with a professionally landscaped garden. With so many patio design options to choose from for your backyard, the ability to be the envy of your neighborhood can easily come to life with us!

Patio spaces can also be designed and constructed at different heights to the rest of your backyard area, to offer that customized look for your entertainment area.

Whether tiled, or concrete, or wood, patios can be filled with a range of furniture or entertainment ideas to make for your own unique entertainment experience.

A Spa Adds Style & Value Year-Round

Friends and family will gleefully gather at your home when you have an outdoor spa / hot tub. They are great in any season and are tremendous value for money when added to a beautiful outdoor space. When it comes to deciding where to place them in your back yard, spas are quite versatile and can be built into many different locations.

These outdoor spa areas look even more impressive when placed on a deck, tucked away at the end of a winding garden path, or under a patio. We work closely with our partners at Living Waters Gunite Pools & Spas to help provide these dream-come-true oasis!

Pools are A Crowd Favorite For A Reason

Pools can be expensive, but worth it! We partner exclusively with Living Waters Gunite Pools & Spas to provide these gunite pools, which are a wonderful addition to your backyard, specific to your budget and needs. Because of the ability of gunite pools to be highly customizable and durable (lasting decades!) are just many of the reasons that people love these pools, in the summer offer a respite from the hot weather and the ability to soak in the outdoors while enjoying your Cape Cod home.

Other advantages of these gunite pools are that you don’t have to have a large space to build one in your backyard. Depending on the setup and style of your backyard area, how your pool fits within your outdoor space is dependent on its surrounding features. Landscaping, safety gates, pool covers, and tiling all add to the look and feel of your backyard.

If your goal is to have your Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket or South Shore Massachusetts home be the ultimate getaway, then a gunite pool is a great place to start if the space allows it. We’ll help you get the ball rolling to make your dream a reality!

When pulling together all the ideas for your backyard for your ultimate Cape Cod lifestyle, it is important to remind yourself what it will add to the comfort and value of your home.

When you look at your next backyard project using these ideas, it can add even more excitement to the possibilities. Today is always the best time to take that first step! Let Gade Masonry & Landscaping take that worry and stress from you and allow us to work with you every step of the way to create your exact desires for your backyard project!

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