Located just west of Cape Cod, within the confines of Plymouth County, Wareham has long gone by the slogan “Gateway to Cape Cod.” However, the town itself has plenty to offer both tourists and residents. With a rich history and exciting modern development, Wareham is a popular choice for those who want to live near the hustle and bustle rather than live within it.

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Nearby Areas


Bourne is home to one of the three grand bridges that cross the Cape Cod Canal. This makes it the first town that the majority of tourists visit on the coast. The town has taken advantage of this with plenty to do and see, from biking and fishing to dining experiences and stunning scenery.


Fairhaven sits at the location where the Acushnet River meets the Buzzard Bay. Sharing a harbor with the larger city of New Bedford, Fairhaven enjoys a robust economy of fishing and tourism. The city was originally settled in 1659 under the name Cushnea as part of the Plymouth Colony.


Sandwich is one of the largest coastal cities in Cape Cod. With a strong sense of history and pride, it has developed into a tourism powerhouse. We here at Gade Masonry & Landscaping are proud to have our home office located in Sandwich!

Wareham is home to just over 8,000 different households and has a strong residential community. However, the summer months bring a busy tourist season. The town’s main retail centers see a huge increase in business as soon as the sun starts to shine in early spring until late fall. In the past, however, Wareham depended on a thriving cranberry industry. Cranberries still make up a large part of the local economy!

Wareham has several popular beaches and piers for residents to enjoy. Additionally, several parks and nature trails can be found throughout town. Combined with a strong education system, community involvement, and youth sports league Wareham is a popular choice for young families to buy their first home.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I have masonry work done on my landscape?

Masonry work is best done in the early spring or early fall. Because there is no need to worry about planting dates with stonework, we can work on the masonry that accents your landscape at any time of year. However, it’s best to keep in mind what your landscape will look like year-round before planning for masonry work. Without proper planning, doing your masonry work too early or late in the year can result in damage to your stonework, plants, or landscape.

How do you control water runoff through landscape work?

We use various methods to help control the water runoff of our client’s landscapes. From creative rain gardens to sturdy retaining walls, we use advanced techniques to prevent water, from pooling or your land from turning to mud. We also encourage our clients to pick sustainable plant choices that can build deep root systems to further protect your lawn.

Why does hiring a professional landscape company increase my home’s curb appeal?

Our professional team of landscapers in Wareham MA by Gade Masonry & Landscaping can help make your vision for your lawn a reality.

 We can also help you “fill in the gaps” where your imagination may need a bit of a boost to paint a clear picture. From helping you choose the right shrubbery to finding the perfect stones for your walkway, our experts will help you create a landscaping Wareham MA to wow your entire neighborhood.