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Landscape Construction Cape Cod – Let us help you design, construct, and install the landscape you love. Our team’s experience ranges from hardscapes, softscapes, lighting, irrigation, and drainage solutions.

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Landscape construction

Landscaping is an important aspect of creating and maintaining an enjoyable environment outside of your home. Many homes in the Cape Cod area have amazing potential to have gorgeous greenery and foliage.

A well-designed Cape Cod landscape is not only something to give homeowners a sense of pride, but will offer more curb appeal, as well as higher resale and rental value.

 We have many years of experience in doing all kinds of masonry work that accents the landscaping for homes and businesses. In addition to stonework, Gade Masonry & Landscaping can design and maintain a well-rounded environment. We are familiar with the weather, terrain, and soil conditions in the Cape Cod area. We take all environmental needs and aesthetic choices into consideration when designing and construction the perfect landscape. Some of our services are described below.


Softscaping refers to the green and living parts of your design. Trees, shrubs, flowers, grass are all a part of your softscape. Some things that we take into consideration when planning your softscape are the desires of the property owner, the outdoor space available, terrain, soil conditions, and seasonal considerations. We will review the terrain in the different sections of the garden to ensure that it is suitable for the designs you have in mind. In some cases, the terrain is not even, so excess soil or mud may have to be removed. In other cases, the soil may not be fertile so additional loam or compost may be required to grow the plants desired.

In some areas, it may be better to have raised beds for growing herbs, flowers, and other plants. If a property is barren of grass, our staff can prepare the soil for sod installation. We also finalize the layout of the garden the pathways. A stone pathway will add additional beauty and appeal to your landscape construction Cape Cod. After the design is finalized, we procure the materials required, proceed with the landscape constructions, and also offer maintenance services.

Stone Masonry

Gade Masonry & Landscaping takes pride in the stonework we provide both inside and outside of your home or business. We specialize in doing hardscapes or the permanent features of the landscape.

Our quality landscape construction services here on Cape Cod including masonry can make your space beautiful and unique. Stone walls, patios, kitchens, pools and spas are all within our expertise. We also offer landscape maintenance and design services.

 To match the look of your building, we choose suitable natural stones like slate, granite, travertine, limestone, or bricks for the retaining walls. Though the cost of stone patios may be initially higher, they are more durable compared to wooden or composite patios.

In some Cape Cod properties where the terrain is not flat, and we can install stone steps. These sturdy steps allow people to easily access any part of the property. Based on the plans of the property, owners can also have pillars, arches, or statues installed. These stunning additions will add a lovely a focal point to your landscaping. Your beautiful patios, gardens, and other outdoor spaces provide a beautiful and relaxing place to enjoy a quiet moment or entertain guests. We can also build stone benches, as well as fireplaces and firepits. These features are fully customizable spaced on your space and needs.


After the softscape of the property has been finalized, we can also plan and build irrigation systems. We take your softscape and hardscape needs into account when designing your irrigation system. In areas where consistent water is needed, such as the lawn, sprinkler-type irrigation is preferred. If the property owner wishes to automate the watering of the plants, to reduce the time and effort required, there are many options available. Automated irrigation and watering systems are often time more water-efficient as well. Drip irrigation is widely used to provide plants the water they require, and water wastage is reduced. We work together with property owners to design and install the appropriate irrigation system.


While plants are at risk to wither and die if they do not get adequate water, lack of proper drainage can also destroy your plants. Additionally, mosquitoes and other insects will also create a health hazard if allowed access to standing water.

When considering landscape construction services do not overlook or under budget for drainage. A good drainage system is vital in keeping a healthy and magnificent landscape. We can design and construct an effective drainage system to feed the needs of your individual property and project.

 In some cases, due to the terrain, there may be water accumulation near the foundation of the home. There are many design options that we can review with home and business owners to ensure that inefficient drains are not problem.

These are some of the types of landscape construction projects that Gade Masonry & Landscaping can get started for you.