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The oldest town in Cape Cod, this beautiful area is steeped in the history of state and country.  A rich mix of historic structures and modern living, Sandwich is a fascinating place to visit and a heavenly place to call home. Gade Masonry & Landscaping is proud to be based in Sandwich, Ma.


Wareham is a small New England town in Plymouth County. Based on the mainland of Massachusetts, tourists and visitors pass through Wareham on their way onto Cape Cod. But this town isn’t just the last stop before crossing the canal. Their motto is, “It’s Better Before the Bridges”.


This small Massachusetts town thrives off of the water running through and around it. From Buzzards Bay, multiple beaches and wharves, Marion is known for fishing, recreational sailing, and boating. This quintessential New England town is filled with history and beautiful Cape Cod style homes.

Bourne, Massachusetts was first settled in 1640 and today it is a bustling town and a beautiful place to visit. As the westernmost land on the Cape Cod peninsula, it is the first town that tourists pass through when visiting the cape. There are three grand bridges that cross over the Cape Cod Canal from the mainland Massachusetts onto the cape. The Bourne and Sagamore bridges allow the passage of cars and pedestrians, while the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge serves year round to the Massachusetts Coastal Railroad. Bourne sits on both sides of the Cape Cod Canal, which has a rich history of its own. Occasionally whales and dolphins can be seen in the waters.

The town of Bourne is home to the Aptucxet Trading Post, the oldest store establishment in the country. It was founded in 1627 by the Pilgrims who settled the area. This store was originally set up for the purposes of trading with the native Wampanoag tribe. Today, there stands a replica of the trading post. It acts as a museum to teach the history of Bourne’s earliest settlers and the people who lived there before.

Some other destinations worth visiting are the Pairpont Glass Works and the Massachusetts National Cemetery. Bourne is also home to the National Marine Life Center. This non-profit organization offers rehabilitation, treatment, and release of stranded sea turtles and seals. In the future, the Center plans to expand treatment to dolphins and whales.

In Bourne there is so much to do and see. Walking, biking, fishing, and boating are all popular activities to do in and around the Cape Cod Canal and Buzzards Bay. Have a picnic and spend a day in the park, taking in all of the Massachusetts beauty. Bourne is also home to a town forest, coves, harbors, and beaches.

Visitors to Bourne can enjoy a mix of stunning scenery and New England history. People who call Bourne home have access to businesses, schools, and all of the amenities for daily living. This Massachusetts town is a lovely place to live or visit and at Gade Masonry & Landscape, we proudly serve Bourne.

Frequently Asked Questions

 My sprinkler system is not working properly, can you help?

Having a working irrigation system is crucial to maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn. At Gade Masonry & Landscaping, we can design, build, and repair your watering system. Our team can work on systems for both residential and commercial use. We can also help with seasonal maintenance. Part of that is preparing your sprinkler system for winter weather and making sure it is ready to get to work in the spring. If part of your system isn’t working, you want to completely redesign your system, or need one installed, we can help!

Can you incorporate river rocks that I found into my masonry project?

We work with all sorts of stone and materials. Our team would be more than happy to take a look at the rocks that you have and discuss with you your vision for them. We want all of our customers to have finished masonry projects that they will love and enjoy for years to come. Adding your own special touch ensures you have a truly custom piece that you can take pride in.

How long will a brick retaining wall last?

A well built brick wall can reasonably be expected to last for around one hundred years. This means that a retaining wall that is well built and well maintained will outlive us! However it is important to note that brick needs to be occasionally cleaned. Damaged brick should be repaired or replaced to encourage the longevity of the wall. Our masonry projects are built to last, allowing you to enjoy them for years to come.

For your landscaping needs in Bourne MA, call Gade Masonry and Landscaping. We are the solution to your property’s needs, be it landscaping, maintenance, construction–you name it, we can do it!

If you have any masonry and minor construction projects that need to be built, our hands-on team is ready to make your vision come to life.

For landscape masonry, sprinkler repair, pool installation, or maintenance and upkeep, Gade is the team to call to make sure your home’s structure is stable and secure. Not only is our work cosmetically appealing, but it is also sturdy and will last years to come. When you book us for our services, expect nothing less than neat work and longevity.

Are you looking for someone to work on your property? Whether it be for minor construction projects or a complete overhaul and construction, Gade Masonry and Landscaping can do it. Let us make your vision come to life! Our top priority is making sure your house looks good and will last years to come.

At Gade Masonry and Landscaping, we approach every project with the same unwavering focus on quality and price. Our masonry projects range from small-scale maintenance projects to large-scale structural projects. Whether restoring the facade of a landmark, remodeling an outdoor living space, or building a new custom home, choose Gade Masonry and Landscaping for outstanding craftsmanship and service.

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