New England Stone Masonry Trends

New England Stone Masonry Trends

Over the years, stone masonry has evolved significantly. Homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to personalize their homes and yards. Stonemasonry and stone landscaping are some of the best ways to add style and function to your home. In New England, stonemasons are pushing the boundaries of design. This an effort to help every homeowner feel like their backyard is unique. Use these New England stone masonry trends to help guide your next big landscaping project!

Classic Walkways

Classic stone walkways are always in style. Whether you live in a ranch-style home or a custom home, a pathway can bring together your landscape. You can go for a rustic look with irregular stones or a modern, clean walkway. Also, one of the most popular approaches to walkways in New England is a blended rustic look. This matches the stone with the surrounding landscaping for a natural flow.

Stone is a popular choice for those looking for a more natural look to their landscape. Irregular stones create a more natural pathway. This is especially true when compared to traditional concrete or gravel pathways.

Walkways are a decorative and practical way of incorporating natural stone. Many families choose to use stones they have found during their travels. This personal touch makes a walkway come to life. The walkway becomes a natural thing to talk to guests and neighbors about. 

Modern Stone Walls

Stone masonry walls are a timeless trend whether they are functional or decorative. These walls are durable and built to last. They often provide structural integrity to the landscape around them. Additionally, when constructed with expertly selected rocks, these walls provide a handcrafted touch.

Natural stone walls are a popular choice for accenting hills. This makes them both practical as well as a decorative piece. Even strong retaining walls can be decorative dividing lines when a master stonemason gets to work. 

Walls that use the same type of stone used as a backsplash in the outdoor kitchen are an emerging trend. These types of walls help tie together the decoration of an entire backyard.

Backyard Fire Pits

Fire pits and fireplaces are always timeless centerpieces in any backyard. Whether done with traditional brick or irregular natural stone, fire pits make a natural gathering place. With both function and style, these are a popular choice around the Cape. Fire pits and fireplaces come in a variety of sizes to match the backyard they’re in. Many families prefer fire pits because of their smaller size and tendency to become a centerpiece of a backyard. This is a very popular choice in implementing  New England stone masonry trends. 

Decorative Masonry

One of the most popular looks incorporates a pattern of rocks with a distinctive accent color. Decorative masonry is making a huge comeback across the Northeast. From custom-made stone walls to decoration around pools, natural stone can tie together an entire landscape. Stone porches and patios of every color, but especially grey or bluestone, are extremely popular. 

Decorative masonry is all about style. Many families choose natural stones in their landscape that match their home’s color. Others choose to use stones that act as a contrast color when compared to their home. Either way, natural stonework is an interesting and unique way to add decoration, form, and function to a backyard.

Unique Creations

Teams of expert stonemasons pride themselves on creativity and their eye for design. With enough time and raw stone, a mason can turn the vision a homeowner sees in their head into reality. From long pathways to stone sculptures, a stonemason can add a handcrafted and unique touch to any backyard. 

Popular styles like rustic, natural-looking stone can draw the eye along the natural beauty of your landscape. Others prefer modern looks that divide their yard into neat and orderly sections. Both styles are extremely popular throughout the Cape.


Regardless of how it’s used, natural and smooth stone is trending is Northeastern landscaping design. Fireplaces receive makeovers with stone that draws the eye. Pathways of stone help herd guests from one area of a backyard to another. Natural stone pools are always in demand, as this style reminds people of resort and beach vacations. No matter which of these New England stone masonry trends calls to you, reach out to us to discuss your next project!