Best landscaping tips for cape cod ma

5 Landscaping Tips to Help Increase Your Yard’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal references the look and attractiveness of your home and property, as viewed from the sidewalk or street. Curb appeal is important whether you are simply wanting to feel a sense of pride in your yard or if you are trying to sell your home. The state of Massachusetts is a gem in that we can capture the beauty of New England in our landscaping. You have many options when it comes to both softscapes and stone work that you can use to beautify the outside of your home or business.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall can serve a few different purposes for your property. Some homes are built on a slope and a retaining wall can be used to prevent soil and plant life from shifting and sliding down into your driveway, your yard, or onto your house. A stone wall can also be used to contain a garden. Raised gardens are immensely popular and a well-maintained garden is a natural object of beauty. The warmth of the stone mixed with the greenery and seasonally changing Massachusetts landscape will give you the best curb appeal in the street. In Cape Cod, we have access to many different gorgeous types of stone, which can be used to build you a stunning stone wall, as well as stone walkways, patios, and more.

Low Growing Shrubs

There is a large variety of low growing shrubs that you can use in your softscapes. Some are deciduous, which means they lose their leaves during the winter, such as bigleaf hydrangea. This flowering Cape Cod shrubs is a gorgeous addition to your yard.

If you prefer plants that stay green all year, you may want to incorporate some evergreen shrubs into your Cape Cod landscape. All these shrubs are deciduous, and if you wanted to go for evergreen shrubs try juniper, inkberry, or boxwood.

We can help you come up with a landscape design that perfectly places shrubs in areas where they will thrive and add fantastic curb appeal.

Deciduous Trees

Maples, beech, magnolia, sweetgum, and cedars are all trees that can add appeal to your property. We can choose the best spot for the trees that interest you. As they grow, they will add beauty and shade to your home. Some people may prefer not to have any trees at all on their properties, but there are many other benefits to planting trees.

Fountain or Water Feature

Water fountains come in many shapes and sizes and can really add a special touch to your Cape Cod landscape. The size of the fountain will depend on your budget, but it doesn’t have to be overly large to be a wow factor.

A fountain can also be nice for the birds to use, if you enjoy birdwatching or having wildlife in your yard. When you have your fountain installed, you can also add outdoor lights to add to your curb appeal at night.


Flowers are a popular choice for softscapes, and Cape Cod gardens can be a real thing of beauty. Flowers can provide a great mix of colors and come in various sizes. Some flowers drape, some grow upwards on vines. You can also use flowers to create boundaries or separate different parts of your yard. Another benefit to many types of flowers are the pleasant scent that they provide to your yard, in addition to their lovely look. Using Cape Cod Landscaping plants that are native to New England will add great curb appeal and are going to be easier to sustain by a landscape management company. Gade Masonry & Landscaping can provide landscape maintenance, as well as installation of irrigation and drainage systems that will keep your yard and garden beautiful and healthy.

No matter whether you are looking to upgrade your curb appeal for your own enjoyment or you care getting ready to sell your home, Gade Masonry & Landscaping can help. No matter if you want to incorporate more stone work or softscapes, we can make your property look its very best. Reach out to us today to discuss adding or repairing your retaining walls, planting Cape Cod shrubs that will provide greenery year round, or plants that will work for your Cape Cod landscape.