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Pool installation Cape Cod – Let us help you design, construct, and install the in ground pool you’ll love. Our team’s experience ranges from pool building and landscaping all the way to rebuilding and maintaining.

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We’re born and raised right here in MA, and take pride in our knowledge of local customs, trends, and more.

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Our focus is on delivering customers quality landscape and masonry services at an affordable price. We have a no-nonsense policy to protect and serve our customers without setting fire to their pocketbooks.

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At Gade Masonry, our main focus is on delivering an excellent product and experience for our customer. Our services are second to none because of our quality of care.

Transform Your Yard Into a Personal Oasis

Installations are available throughout much of Massachusetts including Sandwich, Barnstable, the Cape, and surrounding areas.

The first step to getting your own inground pool is coming up with a great design. Bring your own ideas or let our experts design one from scratch. Once we have the design, we’ll get it installed for you.

Let’s Design Your Pool Today 

When you are ready to get started on your new inground pool, we’re ready to get to work for you. You can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best quality with our personal satisfaction and workmanship GUARANTEE. Once your pool has been installed, you can count on us to help you maintain it for years to come with our complete line of services, including repairs, restorations, landscaping maintenance, and much more at competitive prices.

Is your liner ripped? Does your pool need a complete makeover, or just a minor masonry touch up before the summer season? If anything is preventing you from enjoying your pool this summer, get in touch with pool professionals. For over ten years, we’ve provided a variety of professional pool services to residential and commercial clients throughout much of Massachusetts, all at prices that are easy on your wallet.

We Build Beautiful Pools in the Sandwich, MA Area

If you are looking to add a stunning asset to your yard and create a fun place for your family to spend warm summer days, Gade Masonry & Landscaping can help! Our team can help you design the pool and hot tub of your dreams. Once you know just how you want it to look, we work fast and efficiently to build your new pool. Here are a few reasons why our team should be your number one choice for pool installation:

Top notch workmanship. Our team takes pride in every project we take on. You are guaranteed to have your new pool built efficiently and professionally. If you have questions or concerns at any step of the process, we are happy to talk with you. The hard work doesn’t end at the pool installation, either. We can also design and maintenance the landscaping around your pool and in your outdoor living space.

High quality materials. When we build your new pool we want you to rest assured knowing that your pool will be constructed of the best quality materials. A beautiful and properly working pool needs to have properly working parts. A yard that looks appealing and offers a blissful escape to the outdoors needs the best stonework, the healthiest plants, and a pool that looks great and works as it should.

Unique designs and masonry work. We can help you come up with the pool of your dreams. If you want a specific size, shape, or overall looks, we can work with you to make it a reality. And with the use of stone masonry, we can construct accents and a pool deck that matches the look of your patio, retaining walls, or any other preexisting stone work. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing the perfect outdoor space.

Our team of professionals is ready to talk to you about your new pool installation. Reach out to Gade Masonry & Landscaping to discuss your new inground pool, landscaping around your existing pool, or other masonry and landscaping needs.

Pool Installation Cape Cod-Services Your Pool May Need 

• Pool restoration and painting
• Openings and closings
• Chemicals and supplies
• Pool equipment
• Leak detection and repair

Satisfaction and quality always comes first, which is why we GUARANTEE your satisfaction and our workmanship on all services when it comes to your inground pool installation. Don’t have a pool yet? Call us today and find out more about our design and installation services for inground pools.

Opening and Closing Your Pool for the Season

As the temperatures begin to rise in the spring and when they fall again as summer ends, there is some extra work and maintenance to do in order to ready the pool for the upcoming season. Rather than spend a weekend opening or closing the pool, let a professional handle it for you.

When it’s time to open your pool for the season, you will need to carefully remove the cover and get it prepared for storage. If you have winterizing plugs in place, there is a tool for the job to remove them. Getting the water ready for the swimming season is vitally important. This can involve draining some of the water, adding more water, adding chemicals, and testing the water to be sure everything is in proportion and that there are no harmful bacteria. A pool service professional will check for leaks, prime the pump if needed, and get the system up and running.

After a summer filled with fun and memorable time in the pool, it will be time to close it down for the winter. This includes removing water from the pipes, shutting down all of the equipment, winterizing the pool as needed, and re-installing the cover. A pool service professional will check the cover for damage, mildew, and other issues, as well.

Your pool is the one place where everyone loves to be. The thing is, having such a wonderful place where you can rest and relax needs a little bit of work done every once in a while. Proper pool maintenance is fundamental if you want your pool to last – and, more importantly, if you wish to enjoy it without any issues down the line.

Simply put, a well-maintained pool is a healthy pool – one that your entire family can enjoy.

Why is Pool Maintenance Important?

Your inground pool installation  Cape Cod is one of the many investments that you make in your home. And it’s something that needs proper care and attention. That way, it will not lose value over time or cause you big headaches. To make sure your pool (and house) loses no value, you need to keep the water clean, the pool working perfectly. You also want to ensure that you are doing both these things safely. By doing so, not only you’re protecting your pool, but you’re also protecting your family.

A poorly managed pool can become a health hazard for those swimming in it. Because of that, proper pool care goes beyond money. That’s how important it is.

How Can You Take Good Care of Your Pool?  – Pool Installation Cape Cod

As you now know, taking care of your pool is two-fold. First, you need to make sure everything is working. Second, you need to keep the water in it clean. Keeping the water clean isn’t as complicated as one would think. To do so, you need the right set of chemicals and knowing how they work. But if you find yourself scratching your head because the water isn’t quite right, there are professionals ready to help.

Making sure everything works properly can be a complicated subject. Your average pool has filters, pumps, skimmers, returns, and other parts you may not be aware of. Believe it or not, a simple-looking pool could hide complex machinery somewhere. You may need professional help if you want to maintain it properly.

Keep the water clean

A good pool cleaner knows how important it is to have crystal-clear water running in your pool. For one thing, it looks good. But clean water is fundamental to ensure everyone will have a safe and healthy experience swimming there.

An unattended pool is often a hot spot for bacteria and contaminants. Not to mention bugs and other critters may find their way into the water. A pool cleaning will remove the bad stuff that you can and cannot see with the naked eye.

Ensure proper water circulation

A pool installation in Cape Cod without proper water circulation is malfunctioning. And the reason behind that defect could be anywhere. While hard to find (and fix), a professional pool cleaner knows how every pool works and every possible solution needed – because they have enough experience to take proper care of your inground pool.

From your pump to your filter and everything in between, good maintenance is vital.

Maintain the right water balance

PH, alkalinity, chlorine, and calcium hardness might be terms you have never heard before – but they are key factors in ensuring a great pool experience. Good water chemistry means you can enjoy your pool installation in Cape Cod the right way.

Are you looking for someone to help you with your pool maintenance in Massachusetts? We can help get you in touch with a team in your area to keep your water happy and clean.

At Gade Masonry & Landscaping, we are dedicated to pool landscaping and pool construction. We can help you get the pool installation in Cape Cod you always dreamed of right in your own backyard!