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Our full-service landscape maintenance services are customized to your individual needs. Whether you want a simple leaf clean-up or a full maintenance contract, we will perform whatever work is needed to allow you to always enjoy your outdoor spaces.

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Service Areas

Sandwich, MA

Settled in 1637 by a group from the Plymouth Colony, we are humbly named after a seaport in Kent, England. The oldest town in Cape Cod, we have a rich history filled with some of the original foundations of the United States.

Mashpee, MA

Nestled in the middle of Barnstable County, MA, Mashpee is a small city on the western part of the Cape. With Falmouth to the west and Boston to the south, it is situated in a great place for commuters, vacationers, and snowbirds.

Falmouth, MA

The second largest municipality on the Cape, Falmouth is a comfortable area known for its scientific organizations such as the Marine Biological Laboratory. There are many historic sites in Falmouth, including Waquoit and the Nobska Light.

The Underlying Benefits of Landscape Maintenance

One of the hardest parts of having a yard is regular maintenance. Most homeowners are usually busy in their daily activities, so much so that they unintentionally ignore their lawns. For Cape Cod residents in the Sandwich, Mashpee, and Falmouth areas, finding the best landscape management company can be challenging. Why then should you hire a landscape management service provider to maintain your stonework and provide lawn care regularly?

Lawn Care: The Basics and Benefits


This process takes time, planning, and preparation. It includes other fundamental activities that will ensure durability and an aesthetically pleasing landscape. These processes eventually benefit the environment and can lower cost and resources.


When creating a new lawn, ensure you regularly water your lawn. Watering deep once or twice a week helps roots extend deeper into the soil. It also hinders pests that commonly attach themselves to dried out lawns.


The most recommended time for lawn fertilization is twice a year, spring and fall. Aside from timing, the proper type of fertilizer and the method of application is vital, since providing adequate nutrients to the soil is important. Grass fertilization is usually part of a landscape maintenance agreement that is best performed by professionals.

Benefits of Fertilizing;

  • It improves the soil structure.
  • Promotes thicker and greener grass.
  • It reduces dangers to plant life.
  • More stress-resistant turf.

Weed Control/ Plant Pruning

One of the methods of weed control is the use of pre-emergent herbicides. There are many approaches you can use when your weed issues get out of hand. Professional landscape management service providers use methods such as weed eaters and brush cutters for extremely thick and woody brushes in your yard and lawn.

Pruning is also helpful in improving the growth of your garden plants. Pruning is the removal of unwanted plant parts, thus fueling the plant’s continued growth process.

Benefits of yard care by plant pruning;

  • Promotes the growth of your lawn plants.
  • Provides a clean and maintained look to unruly plants


Mowing should be a regular ritual, sometimes needed as often as once a week. Proper mowing increases your lawn’s density and reduces the hazards to your lawn’s health, for instance, diseases, insects, and weeds. Professional mowing is key for a uniformed and attractive lawn.

Benefits of yard maintenance by mowing;

  • Mowing ensures the lawn looks beautiful. Edging is usually the last touch which creates a well-manicured look to your yard.
  • It also reduces the chances of unwanted pests dwelling on your lawn.

Seasonal cleanup

If you rather spend your free time doing something else other than cleaning up your yard, a landscape management company will offer you the desired services. Leaf cleanup is essential, for instance, during the autumn months. If left uncleaned, they block sunlight access to your grass, which is devastating to its health.

Seasonal cleanup encompasses most of the above lawn maintenance activities. They are beneficial for several reasons, which include;

  • Improving the general appearance of the yard.
  • Prevents disease and fungus growth in the lawn.
  • Eliminates hiding and dwelling grounds for pests and rodents.

Should I Hire a Landscape Management Expert?

Well-maintained landscapes, especially in Mashpee and Falmouth MA, offer great benefits to the environment and people. Not to mention it makes a great impression on both visitors and residents each and every time they see a professional job well done! Below are some vitally significant benefits of hiring an expert to do landscape management.

Environmental Benefits

  1. Environmental cleaners. Grass plays a key role in trapping dust, smoke pollutants, and other impurities. Grass also produces oxygen.
  2. Natural coolants. Lawn grass is considered much cooler than cement or asphalt, which then acts as air conditioning for the nearby areas.
  3. Air cleaning. Grass generally absorbs harmful carbon dioxide and breaks it down to carbon and oxygen.
  4. Water protectors. Clean and healthy lawns absorb contaminated runoff that might otherwise filter into water bodies.
  5. Noise reduction. Plants and lawns dramatically reduce noise levels compared to hard surfaces like pavements and in Plymouth concrete.

What Are the Benefits to People?

Professional landscaping in Cape Cod, MA and the surrounding areas is important to homeowners as well as other people. The benefits include

  1. Time-saving. Landscaping takes lots of time and hard work, most of which people do not have. A landscape management expert will do the tasks in a fraction of the time without interfering with your daily schedule.
  2. It improves the appeal of your landscape. You do not want to be stuck with an unkempt and untidy lawn. Professional Plymouth landscaping ensures your property looks aesthetically appealing.
  3. A good lawn care Plymouth MA professional improves your property’s resale value. If you ever want to sell your residence or business, professional landscaping will increase its curb appeal. Potential buyers are always intrigued by a well-maintained landscape property.
  4. It is cost-saving. Full landscaping companies on Cape Cod require supplies, equipment, and more. Your typical small company may not be equipped to provide all the landscape construction services they offer. This should be concerning because it probably means that they are not experienced, and also purchasing all these will cost you more than simply hiring an expert for your landscape management on Cape Cod- Gade Masonry and Landscaping is that expert you can trust.

What Other Landscaping Services Can You Get in Sandwich, Massachusetts?

You can hire Cape Cod experts to assist with stone maintenance services, for instance, power washing, and replacing any broken stone.

What is Masonry Power Washing?

Power washing is the use of a high-pressure water stream to blast away dirt and materials from stone surfaces. The combination of water temperature and pressure makes it easy to clean hard surfaces with materials stuck on them. Power washing can be used to remove tough stains from decks, patios, and driveways, among other areas. Landscape management experts in New England can use power washing to clean your patio floors or driveways as part of landscape management.

Are you looking for professional stone restoration in Cape Cod, MA? You can get restoration and maintenance services for your landscape stone as well as for other stone features in your home. If the stoneware is severely damaged beyond repair, Gade Masonry & Landscaping will be happy to discuss replacement and rebuilding projects.

Landscape Management in Cape Cod, MA

Yard maintenance is important for various reasons. It improves the look of your lawn and increases your property’s value. Proper lawn care requires a qualified, licensed, and licensed professional to provide the best maintenance services.

Always ensure you consult with a landscape maintenance professional yourself. You may need direction, recommendations, or advice as to how to appropriately manage your landscape.