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Cape Cod Masonry Services – Our masonry projects range from large-scale structural projects to small-scale retainer walls and walkways. Whatever the project scope is, we approach each with the same focus on quality and price.

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Masonry involves creating something with the usage of stone or brick and mortar. Masonry can also involve the use of concrete blocks. Stone masonry has been practiced by humans for a long time.

Masonry Cape Cod work can be rather elaborate, depending on the project and overall aesthetic of the project being worked on. Masonry can be used in the creation of stone walls, retaining walls that are applied during landscaping, stone patios, as well as walkways. Masonry can also be applied to the installation of a foundation veneer, construction of chimneys and chimney repair, along with the construction of fireplaces as well as fireplace repair.

Masonry Projects

Stone walls add a lot of elegance to your property. They are solid and exceptionally durable. Truly, stone walls are a good investment since they require truly little maintenance. They can also add that extra privacy and security that you desire for the yard of your property. Cape Cod Masonry Services – Adding a stone wall to your property will also increase the value of your property.

Retaining walls for landscaping are practical in that they help to prevent the erosion of soil. This can be critical in protecting your home and yard from landslides or flooding. Also, they do add an attractive appeal to a yard. They are particularly used when a property has steep slopes. Retaining walls can become lovely focal points of the yard design. Even when not structurally necessary, stone retaining walls can add a stunning touch to your landscaping.

Stone patios and walkways add a nice uniqueness to any property and truly add an appearance that is striking. Stone patios and walkways are durable and are highly versatile for the various spaces of your yard. They create an elegant ambiance and they also make dreary yards become more revitalized. Further, stone patios and walkways enhance the value of your property.

A house’s foundation can look plain and boring. When you want to elevate the visual appeal of your foundation and home overall, then adding a foundation veneer will truly add an eye-catching touch. A foundation veneer helps to polish your home and make it look more dignified. You will be impressed with how much appeal such a veneer truly adds to your home as soon as you see the project completed.

It is imperative for chimneys to be built carefully. That is why it is important to have only qualified professional masons do the work. Also, over time, it will be necessary to have repairs done on aging chimneys. We are pleased to be able to provide you with top quality chimney masonry and repairs, so that your stone or brick chimney will look great and be safe to use.

A fireplace is a wonderful addition to your home. It will add a stately appeal to any space. We provide great quality masonry for brick or stone fireplaces that are built with impeccable care. Also, if you have an existing fireplace,

Cape Cod stone and masonry- We can provide services repairs for older fireplaces, patios, walkways pools or anything made of stone/brick/concrete. So, whether we are creating the outdoor space of your dreams or repairing a well loved fireplace, you can rest assured that your space will be beautiful and safe to use.

New England & Cape Cod Aesthetics and Trends in Masonry

These days, people are putting more effort into their properties and are craving the creation of more outdoor living spaces. That is why there is an increase in stone patios and walkways to define various outdoor spaces. Also, to add enjoyment to these outdoor living spaces, often people will seek to add the construction of a stone or brick fire pit and even a stone or brick fireplace for relaxation and entertaining.

It is also becoming popular for people to want to incorporate the usage of rocks that they have salvaged and even granite slabs that are being recycled. When constructing a fireplace for outdoor usage, it is a common trend to use field stones in Cape Cod constructions.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more prevalent in New England. With those outdoor kitchens, there is often the implementation of a terrace that is constructed of brick or stone. A grand and stately terrace does certainly add to the majestic look of the outdoor kitchen. For the countertops of the outdoor kitchens, it is quite popular to use blue stone or granite. The possibilities are endless when you set out to build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

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