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Chatham, MA


Chatham, Massachusetts is a true seaside town, surrounded on three sides by water. Visit Chatham’s beautiful beaches and lighthouses for an authentic taste of New England. 

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Nearby Areas


Yarmouth has one of the busiest ports in Cape Cod, and its beaches are well known as some of the best in New England. With a rich history dating back to the Plymouth Colony, Yarmouth is named after a town in England. Modern day Yarmouth has plenty to do and see from museums to restaurants to coastal adventures. It is one of the major hubs of economic and cultural attractions in Cape Cod.


Barnstable is one of the central locations in Cape Cod. It’s well known for being one of the best fishing spots on the Cape. The city sticks close to its historic roots, with uniquely New England architecture prominent throughout town. Residents accent the natural beauty of their homes and the landscapes around them with care.


Dennis is a small town right in the heart of Cape Cod, touching both the Cape Cod Bay and the Nantucket Sound. As a seaside resort town, residents and visitors alike have access to historical and cultural attractions alike. Like many other towns in Cape Cod, Dennis puts natural Cape Cod conservation as one of its top priorities. There are a variety of parks, trails, and small streams and lakes throughout the town.

Chatham has evolved from a humble fishing community to a summer destination. With beautiful beaches, lighthouses, and a large wildlife refuge there is plenty to do and see in this small town. With plenty of coastal attractions and historic spots, Chatham landscapes prides itself on maintaining its natural serenity. The town’s land also includes several islands, ranging from large in size to barely large enough to stand on.

Chatham is known for its wet and warm summers, and the high amount of rainfall we receive all year. Seeing the most snow during February, the summers in Chatham are warm and breezy, making this small town the perfect place to enjoy all the seasonal beauty of Cape Cod.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of stone masonry work can I add to my landscape?

At Gade, we cover all of cape cod including Landscaping Chatham MA. We offer several different types of stone masonry work in Chatham and surrounding areas

Two of our most popular choices include stone walkways and retaining walls. Masonry walkways add form, function, and direction to your landscape. Retaining walls can be used to divide space or support your existing landscape.

No matter what type of stone and style you choose, adding masonry, landscaping to your backyard is a great way to increase the value of your property.

What does landscape lighting do for my home’s value?

Landscape lighting does more than make your weeknight get-togethers easier and is paired nightly with your landscape masonry to ensure your investment can be both viewed and enjoyed at any hour! By adding lighting to your landscape, you add instant curb appeal to your home. If you’re looking to sell in the near future, this is one of the best ways you can attract potential homebuyers. Additionally,

Gade is a provider of Chatham landscape services, services such as landscape light which offer an extra layer of safety at night.

. By hiding fixtures behind rocks, shrubs, and inside trees lighting to your property can be done without distracting from your landscaping.

What type of water mitigation methods work best in Chatham?

One of the most effective ways to prevent water runoff or erosion from destroying your yard is to install a retaining wall. Whatever you choose a design made of bricks or natural stone, we’ll make sure your wall can stand up to the rain and wind of the coast. Retaining walls located in the right area can make all the difference during a heavy storm season.

Not only does adding a retaining wall increase the integrity of your landscape, but it also creates an interesting division of space. As not all homeowners are familiar with retaining walls, it’s also a great conversation piece when entertaining guests!