Pool Maintenance Near Me


Pool maintenance is an essential and necessary step for anyone with a pool at home or in their establishment, and this skill requires expert knowledge of tools, procedures, and chemicals involved. For this reason, most would choose to hire a team instead of doing it themselves.


One of the first concerns any homeowner might have regarding hiring a pool cleaning service is cost. While the procedure can indeed save a lot of time, is it still budget-friendly enough to be the most cost-effective option? Simply put–yes! No need to shop around and have complete tools to do your own pool maintenance service at home, no need to enroll yourself in a beginner’s landscaping course, because our experts definitely have it all. From skills to equipment, our team checks all our clients’ boxes. 

Leave the pool cleaning to the experts! From troubleshooting, pool pumps to performing a total pool treatment, and even basic tasks such as cleaning pool filters, our team can do it all.

Pool Maintenance

What exactly goes into pool maintenance?


A pool is a great way to entertain your family and friends, but it’s also a source of pride for those who own one. Some homeowners even pride themselves in having all the know-how and tools necessary to maintain their pools. Some even have a pool cleaning net and pool cleaning equipment conveniently stowed away in their sheds at home.


The upkeep of your pool can be a bit overwhelming at times, but having a professional do the work for you can definitely save you time and money. This is why a smart homeowner has the number of their go-to company for pool maintenance near me ready to call. Regular maintenance is required to keep your pool in tip-top shape. This includes checking the filters and chemicals on a regular basis, as well as performing routine cleaning tasks like vacuuming and scrubbing walls to remove debris.


The basics of pool maintenance include:

  • Checking your pool filters regularly for pool filter cleaning.
  • Regularly vacuuming and scrubbing the walls.
  • Checking for leaks.
  • Adding the necessary chemicals to ward off algae and unwanted plants.


A pool is a great thing to look at if you have it conveniently in the backyard of your home, but it does involve some level of maintenance and cleaning. Why not hire professionals to do it for you? If you’re in the market for a pool repair Massachusetts, give our team a call and we’ll be happy to turn your home into a beauty.


Depending on your needs, our team at Gade can offer different services and packages to choose from. You may hire us for one big cleanup or hire us on the regular, but we definitely recommend the latter. Our all-inclusive package comprises pool algae treatment and pool shock treatment to keep your pool sanitary and aesthetically pleasing, swimming pool filter cleaning, pool pump troubleshooting, and more!

Average Pool Maintenance Cost In Cape Cod

You might be wondering, what exactly goes into pricing a pool maintenance service? Well, it depends. One no-brainer factor is size. If there’s more pool to clean, this is where companies will charge more. The base rate will stay the same, but as the area covered increases, then the price will increase. Another thing to consider is the number of repairs and replacements necessary, which might incur additional costs for replacement parts and extra labor. 

In other words, there are a lot of factors at play when it comes to calculating the final pool maintenance cost, but fret not! Our comprehensive and detailed DocuSign is readily available for any of our clients. Rest assured, all our rates are upfront and transparent, and we will even walk you through calculating the total cost. Look for pool maintenance near me that can help address these needs at an affordable cost. If you are in dire need of pool repair in Massachusetts, there’s no better number to call than Gade!


Cape Cod is known to be a popular summertime destination in the New England region. Popular for its scenic views, this little peninsula is definitely a breathtaking sight for locals and travelers alike. If you reside in the Cape Cod area, it’s easy to see the need to keep your property looking fresh and tidy. Why not hire a landscaping team that will help maintain your property? Landscaping Cape Cod properties need not cost an arm and a leg! In fact, our team offers one of the most bang-for-buck deals on all things landscaping and masonry in the Massachusetts area.


Ready to get your property looking new? Landscape and design experts at Gade Masonry and Landscaping are ready and able to help. Our landscape services include pool building, pool cleaning, and maintenance service, lawn maintenance, masonry, and chimney installation.

Pool Treatment

Why is a pool treatment necessary? As the common saying goes, where there’s water, there’s life–in our case, algae, e. Coli, salmonella, and a whole other range of harmful diseases. While a pool is a great sight to look at, keep in mind that water attracts critters and can encourage the growth of algae. Because of this, necessary chemicals such as chlorine are needed to keep a swimming pool crystal clear. This is why a lot of pool owners are quick to dial a pool cleaning service near me at the first sign of cloudiness. 


You might be wondering, do I really need a pool treatment? One would say that pool treatment are a necessity and what separates a pool from a body of water. Because a lot of our clients for this service are families, another question people tend to ask is, “Is adding chemicals to my pool safe?” Yes, because it only takes a low concentration to keep pesky algae away from your pool. This level of chlorine causes no harm to humans. 


However, because chemicals are involved, for your peace of mind, why not have the number for pool maintenance near me handy? With Gade’s pool cleaning, treatment, maintenance, and more, you are set for the next few months. Whether it’s enjoying your own pool for the summertime or having a team that will help with your pool’s regular and general upkeep, our services are affordable, accessible, and efficient.

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